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CSNOW - FY24 - Q&A and final steps in FY24 Application

Tuesday, May 9, 2023
11:00 am12:30 pm

April 18: FY24 Application 101, Data Evaluation for Service Planning & Budget Development (1.5 hours)
• Timeline for submission, review, and announcement
• Intro and walk through the form.
• Discuss Attachments
• Assessing Data to Develop Your Budget
• Review of allowable expenses, salary costs, Grants in Aid costs, Discretionary funding
• Brief Intro to the CASP
April 25: FY24 Application: Service Planning & Targeted Outcomes Through Mapping (1.5 hours)
• Deep dive into the new CASP (Community Action Strategic Plan) form
• Using your CNAs and Annual Reports to drive service planning/targeting on the CASP
• Connecting NPIs to services
• What NPIs are automatically obtained at enrollment
• Using case management to follow-up on longer range NPIs
April 26 - May 3: One-on-One Entity Meeting (and subs) with CSNOW & CSP (2 hours/each)

May 9: FY24 - Q&A and final steps in FY24 Application
• Round table discussion for questions and answers around the final application
• Next steps