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Region 8 Moodle Academy

Region 8 Community Action Academy 

Getting Started 

Step 1:  Go to and click on Create new account 

Step 2: Fill in the information necessary to create an account.  Click Create my new account. 

Step 3:  This will bring you to a page that says you need to confirm your account.  Do not press the continue button on this page unless you did not receive an email to confirm your account. 

Step 4:  Click on the link in the email to confirm your account 

Step 5:  When you click on this link it will confirm your account.  In order to complete your account you will have to Update your organization name in your profile.  Until you do this you cannot continue. 

Step 6:  Click on the Home button in the menu 

Step 7: Click on Regional Training 

Step 8: Click on Introduction to Community Action 

Step 9: Click on Enroll Me 

Step 10: Go through the course 

Step 11: When the course is complete you will be emailed a certificate. 

Step 12:  Check back later for more courses! Or Request a Course you would like to see added to the site!