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NCAP - 2023-2024 Policy Platform Review Process - The Climate Crisis & Civic Engagement

Thursday, November 17, 2022
1:00 pm2:00 pm

As NCAP begins its third policy platform development process, the Public Policy and Advocacy Project is expanding the inclusivity and reach of the operation. The project will convene listening sessions by policy area, followed by Network-wide feedback opportunities, review by relevant Board committees, and review and adoption by the full Board of Directors.
In the listening sessions, members of the Network will review specific policy areas and provide feedback, including recommendations to add new policies, update existing priorities, and remove outdated items. NCAP staff will frame each listening session discussion with a focus on equity considerations and how each issue affects populations and communities experiencing low incomes. NCAP will also provide members with other avenues for engagement, including anonymous surveys, discussions at NCAP member group meetings (e.g., Equity & Economic Mobility Commission, Head Start Task Force, etc.), and Network-wide webinars.
We believe that these changes will expand opportunities for members to meaningfully engage in the process of identifying Network priorities, allow deeper conversations on issues of particular significance to individual organizations, and generate a platform that accurately represents the policy priorities of the Community Action Network.